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Wealth Management

The Kelly Group’s experienced and dedicated Team of professionals provides a variety of services, all with one aim in mind: to help you and your family achieve financial goals. We know that choosing an advisor is a decision you do not take lightly. We understand that long-lasting, rewarding relationships are built on mutual respect and earned trust. We work to ensure that our services meet and exceed expectations. Money is a means to an end. Proper Wealth Management means building and using financial resources intelligently to help you achieve your most precious desires: buying a home, raising a family, educating your children, enjoying a comfortable retirement, and leaving a legacy you can be proud of.

Like that “Norman Rockwell” small town doctor of old, we provide holistic service to our clients. Our Wealth Management approach addresses “Every Branch of Life”.













Financial Planning Process

We believe meaningful partnerships with our clients grow from a joint commitment to a carefully crafted Wealth Management approach. Effective Wealth Management begins with a plan. Our distinct and thorough client-centric 6-Step financial planning process has been developed by our multi-disciplined Team united by a passionate dedication to provide a clear path for Every Branch of Life. Read more about the Steps to Achieving Your Financial Goals.

Capital Management

As stewards of your financial assets, we adhere to a disciplined investment process while focusing on specific needs and circumstances. As fee-based and independent advisors, our only incentive is to generate good results. We believe such results are best obtained through the practice of tried and true investment principles that have withstood the test of time. The most important of all those principles is that the investor’s own behavior is the key to investment success. We believe that our primary role is to help guide each client’s investment behavior through communication, education and objective guidance.

Retirement Planning

It takes a lifetime to properly plan for a comfortable retirement during which you and your loved ones can fulfill your dreams with confidence that money will not stand in the way. Unfortunately, the urgency of this goal is lost on many of us until the timing of our approaching retirement becomes too close to ignore. As part of our Financial Planning Process, The Kelly Group places the goal of a financially successful retirement front and center, whatever the client’s age.

Estate and Elder Care Planning

It has been said that success is leaving the world at least a little better than you found it. We see estate planning not just as the process of creating documents—as important as they are—but as a life affirming journey in which you can help create that better world by leaving a legacy that truly prepares loved ones financially and emotionally. Learn about how we use our Family Love Letter to help you in this process.

Risk Management

If you don’t plan properly, your best laid plans can be destroyed by illness, premature death, catastrophic weather, disability, an accident, property and identity theft, and other unforeseen disasters. As part of our Wealth Management process, we develop a risk management assessment that helps us review the threats to the success of your financial plan, and determine how you can best protect yourself and loved ones in a cost-effective manner.

Other Services

Because of the depth and breadth of our Team, The Kelly Group can help guide you through a wide variety of life’s financial challenges, regardless of your stage of life.  For example, we can advise you on your decision-making process regarding:

  1. Creating a plan to fund your children’s’ Education Costs without endangering your retirement planning.
  2. Formulating a Charitable Giving plan that fulfills wishes in a financially beneficial manner.
  3. Choosing the appropriate Social Security strategies.
  4. Addressing Medicare-related decisions.
  5. Protecting your financial interests during the traumatic experience of a sudden illness, divorce, or loss of a loved one.

Family Love Letter

A comprehensive program designed to prepare your family in the event of your incapacity or death by facilitating clarity, reducing stress, and enhancing family harmony. Through the Family Love Letter process, we can help you learn to write a family mission statement, organize your most crucial documents, pass on crucial information about your digital assets, and use an ethical will to help reaffirm your life’s meaning.

In short, The Family Love Letter can help guide you toward Your Greatest Legacy: Your family’s peace of mind.


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