In an event showcasing The Kelly Group’s depth and breadth of talent, a panel of TKG advisors addressed a variety of topical issues in front of a large gathering of clients and friends. The September 28 forum, held at the Maryland Golf and Country Club, featured TKG advisors Bryan Kelly, Chuck Wienckowski, Jodi Davis, Chad Arrington, and Charlie Wolpoff.  Bryan began the evening by discussing The Kelly Group’s investment philosophy and its disciplined process for selecting strategists. Emphasizing the essential role of the financial plan, of which investing is only one component, he then turned to the panel which tackled a wide assortment of matters that can affect the success of the client’s financial plan. Among the subjects discussed were the importance of knowing your retirement “magic number”, the corrosive effect of inflation, the latest developments regarding social security strategies, and how to protect oneself from the ever-growing threat of identity theft. The wide-ranging conversation concluded with a roundtable on various behavioral biases that can interfere with rational financial and investing decisions.