On June 27, The Kelly Group broke ground for the upcoming addition to our 48 East Gordon Street building. One of two renovated historic buildings that house our firm (the other located next door at 54 East Gordon Street), it was formerly known as “Doc Hopkins’ place”. Purchased by The Kelly Group in 2003, the building will double in size by year end, from 2,400 square feet to just under 5,000.

Our need for this expansion is a testament to our firm’s success and growth, which is a direct result of the deep loyalty of our clients, the amazing support from our community, and the quality and dedication of our team.  Indeed, this building addition is needed due to the anticipated growth of this team from more than 20 employees to more than 30.

And we anticipate continued growth. Our lot located at the adjacent corner–60 East Gordon Street–is patiently awaiting our third building, part of our vision for the future, a vision focused on continuing to serve as a community-based firm with a community- based campus.

Those shovels you see in the accompanying picture are rich with symbolism to us. They are a physical manifestation of our firm’s sustainability, and a reaffirmation of our commitment to community and historic preservation.