On September 13, Rick Fletcher and Charlie Wolpoff attended an Investment Forum in New York hosted by Davis Advisors, one of the strategists The Kelly Group uses in its investment portfolios. Attending forums such as this is a vital part of our due diligence process, but the meetings Davis Advisors holds every year are of particular value. At these forums, select advisors from across the country are given access to the top decision makers in the company—most significantly, Chris Davis, chairman and managing partner, and Danton Goei, co-managing partner. The forum also provides an opportunity to witness first-hand the depth and breadth of the Davis team’s investment talent and expertise, and to receive a thorough explanation and reaffirmation of Davis Advisors’ time tested and disciplined investment process. In addition, Chris shared insights he learned over the 50 years Davis Advisors has managed mutual funds along with investment lessons learned by his father and grandfather—highly successful and renowned investors in their own right–since 1949.  Chris and Danton also discussed the processes they use and philosophies they adhere to in uncovering investment opportunities. The highlight of the forum every year—and this year was no exception—is an interactive Q&A session during which Chris and Danton field all questions raised, no holds barred. Topping off this year’s event, Rick and Charlie each had an opportunity to speak with Chris one on one to ask follow up questions of interest to The Kelly Group and our clients.