Family Love Letter


Family Love Letter

Several years ago, I thought my estate was completely in order, so if something were to happen to me, my family would be okay. All of my estate documents were drafted by a top quality estate planning attorney. My business succession plan had been carefully arranged, my life insurance policies kept up to date, and my beneficiary designations properly aligned with my objectives. But one evening, I asked my wife if she felt prepared in the event something would happen to me. Her answer shocked me. ‘It would be utter chaos,’ she said. So when I came across The Family Love Letter, I realized how powerfully valuable it could be for our clients, not to mention my own family.”
– Bryan Kelly, founding partner, The Kelly Group

We all have our junk drawer. You know what we mean. It may actually be a drawer, but could be a cabinet, or the corner of a closet. Wherever and whatever it is, it contains odds and ends, a little cash… and some crucial information that your family needs to know if you were to die or become incapacitated. Trouble is, your loved ones might not even know this junk drawer exists, let alone be able to decipher what’s in it—if you are no longer able to inform them. And this junk drawer may be just a small representation of the overwhelming chaos that you leave behind.

In today’s complex world, preparing your loved ones for the future is more challenging than ever. It is not enough to just prepare a will, power of attorney, and advance medical directive. Yes, these are all important. But they are only a small part of the equation if you want to reduce the stress and conflicts that can damage your family in the days, weeks, months, and years after you are gone. Inadequately prepared families can split apart, spouses can become impoverished, and children can end up emotionally devastated when an estate is left in a state of confusion.

All too often we have seen new clients come to us mired in this confusion, wishing their deceased loved one had left them a clearer path toward their future. What is doubly tragic about such situations is that the family member who had passed away acted with the best of intentions, and thought they were leaving behind a coherent estate plan.

If you turned to your spouse or children today and asked them if they would be prepared in the event you were suddenly no longer in their lives or able to function, what would they answer? More often than not, they would answer—in their worried eyes if not in their words—“It would be chaos.”

This is why The Kelly Group uses The Family Love Letter as a tool to help supplement the estate planning process. The Family Love Letter is a comprehensive program designed to prepare your family in the event of incapacity or death by facilitating clarity, reducing stress, and enhancing family harmony. Through the Family Love Letter process, we can help you learn to write a family mission statement, organize your most crucial documents, pass on crucial information about your digital assets, and use an ethical will to help reaffirm your life’s meaning.

In short, The Family Love Letter can help guide you toward Your Greatest Legacy: Your family’s peace of mind.

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