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The Kelly Group provides empowering education and information to clients and the community.

At client events throughout the year, we address topical issues in casual settings that are interactive, energizing, and engaging. Members of our team also speak on a variety of important financial matters throughout the community, and teach adult continuing education courses at Harford Community College.


Listen to a recording of our March 26th Virtual Town Hall, click here.

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All Spring Harford Community College classes listed below have been postponed due to COVID 19.  New dates are pending.


Spring 2020: TKG Harford Community College Courses

Below are the Harford Community College courses schedule to be taught this Spring by Jodi Davis, Charlie Wolpoff, Chad Arrington and Tom Cusick. HCC courses offered by The Kelly Group advisors are directed at helping adults address a variety of financial issues that affect their lives. See below for details regarding the spring courses and a link to registration information. Each course runs two hours starting at 6:30 p.m..

For more information about Harford Community College courses, go to

Baby Boomer Courses

Wednesday, April 1st

Medicare Planning for Baby Boomers – Charlie Wolpoff

When you turn 65, the federal government gives you a birthday present: Entrée into the brave new world of Medicare. This course will address Medicare basics and help you navigate through potentially costly traps. We will also discuss how to shop for the private insurance you need to supplement Medicare.


Wednesday, April 22nd

Legacy Planning for Baby Boomers – Charlie Wolpoff

Legacy Planning brings the human element into estate planning. What would happen to your loved ones if something should happen to you?  Would they have a process to follow, or would their world be engulfed in chaos? This course takes you beyond estate documents, discussing how you can convert chaos to clarity and closure. Legacy Planning follows a logical progression, and each participant will be given a workbook for planning purposes.  Legacy Planning is a dynamic process that is not hard—you just have to get started!   


Savvy Social Security Courses

Wednesday, March 11th

Savvy Social Security: Planning Strategies for Women – Jodi Davis

Social Security is one of the few income sources that keeps up with inflation and lasts for life. But most women fail to maximize their benefits because they don’t understand the little-known rules and claiming strategies that can help them get more out of the system.  This session will cover essential information all women need to have if they are concerned about financial security in retirement.


Wednesday, March 25th

Savvy Social Security: Planning Strategies for Couples – Jodi Davis

The Social Security decisions spouses make when they are in their 60s will determine the amount of total income they will receive over their lifetime – including the lifetime of the spouse who lives the longest. This session will cover some little-known rules and claiming strategies that can help married couples coordinate their claiming decisions to get more out of the Social Security system.

Wednesday, April 8th

Savvy Social Security: Planning Strategies & Basic Rules to Maximize Retirement Income – Jodi Davis

Social Security is far more complicated than most people realize. The claiming decisions you make now can have a tremendous impact on the total amount of benefits you stand to receive over your lifetime. This session will review 5 factors to consider when deciding when and how to apply for benefits, when it makes sense to delay benefits — and when it does not, and how to coordinate Social Security with your other sources of retirement income.

For more information about any of the above courses, contact Charlie Wolpoff at 410-893-0560 or, or to register, go to  

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