It’s September, and we all know what that means. It’s the  time of year when young children experience the excitement of their first day of school, proudly holding their parent’s hand as they walk expectantly up to—well, if it wasn’t 2020 it would be the schoolhouse door. But this year many students from first grade to graduate school are instead strolling anticlimactically up to the kitchen table on which sits their temporary surrogate classroom, the computer. We hope it won’t be long before face-to-face instruction with our valued educators once again becomes the norm rather than the exception. In the meantime, however, this is an opportunity for us to teach students of all ages—and remind ourselves—the most valuable lesson of all: Learning isn’t confined to organized education. As a foundation for a happy life, learning must be a never-ending occupation, a passion fueled by an insatiable curiosity that stays with us until our final days.  Sources for knowledge and understanding are all around us, even in the random rustling of tall trees or the disciplined flight of a flock of geese. You can learn by watching a neighbor dexterously paint a fence, a dog bury a bone, or a farmer plant a field. The wisdom of generations can be gleaned through thoughtful conversations with people of all ages. And a world of discoveries can be found in that centuries-old mobile device called a book. The love of reading need never go unrequited. Education is important, but it need not be restrained by the walls of a building or the monitor of a computer. For our entire lives, school is always in session.


“They know enough who know how to learn.” Henry Adams


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Stay Safe and Healthy, and May God Bless You and Our Community.

Best regards,

Bryan E. Kelly, CFP®

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