Throughout our experience battling COVID-19, we have received sage advice from skilled epidemiologists, brilliant economists and wise academics. Now might be a good time to solicit a little wisdom from a more unlikely source—our dog. Dogs, it is said, possess an uncanny ability to focus on the present. Their mind doesn’t spend time regretting the past. And apart from burying a bone or two for a rainy day, they really don’t exert much effort preparing for the future.  For a dog, it’s all about the now. They want to go for a walk now, catch the frisbee now, eat now, sleep now, have their belly rubbed now. Granted, that’s not a very successful recipe for building a nice retirement or figuring out how to bring the economy back online. But it may serve us well to follow their lead and at least momentarily set aside stressful thoughts to allow us room to be grateful for the moment. After all, the success we have in our lives depends on what we do with our many presents, what we do in the here and now. The past we cannot control because it is, well, past. The future lies just beyond our reach. But, like our dogs, we can be masters of our present. We can control our current attitude and our current actions. So focus on how to make the most out of today. Facetime with your grandchildren, write that short story you’ve been putting off, learn how to cook. Do something today that would help you achieve a goal you have set for tomorrow. And thank your dog with a belly rub.


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In that response lies our growth and freedom.” Viktor Frankl


Successful financial planning requires that we learn from the past, create a roadmap for the future and determine our best actions for today. How can we make the most of these challenging times? Feel free to visit our website, and our Facebook Page for updates and articles that may provide food for thought and a calming voice.  And if you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. In fact, we welcome your call.


Stay Safe and Healthy, and May God Bless You and Our Community.

Best regards,

Bryan E. Kelly, CFP®

Managing Partner



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